Upcoming Women's Self-Defense Seminars

Learn knife based women's self defense in this 3-Part seminar series.

Only 25 spots per class.  RSVP to reserve your spot today!

Level 1

Foundation Seminar.

This seminar was for years our only offering.  It focuses on the use of a knife as an equalizer and tool for women to utilize in a self defense scenario.  We cover knife use techniques, the basics of what to do if you get taken to the ground, and how to stand back up again.  Escalation of force, importance of situational awareness, and verbal skills are also covered.

We go over gear recommendations, suggested reading, and help students identify improvised weapons and weapons of opportunity.



May 25th, 2024


Level 2

Fight Your Way to Your Weapon

This seminar is the next step.  Learn how to access your weapon under stress, how to use hands and feet to create space or when a weapon isn't the answer, how to resist getting taken down, and how to survive if the fight goes to the ground.








March 30th, 2024

July 27th, 2024

Level 3

Survive the Ground and Get to Your Feet

This is the last step (for now) in our seminar series.  This seminar concentrates on what to do if you get taken down to the ground.  We work on in fight weapon access while on the ground, discuss ways to carry weapons or tools that are still accessible on the ground, and how to fight your way to standing and get away.






September 28th, 2024


Empower yourself. 

We all hope we will live a life where violence is never something we have to consider, but these seminars teach the skills that you could need if the unexpected happens.

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