Welcome to Blackbird Training Group!

Welcome to the Blackbird Training Group, our goal is to develop well rounded martial artists who have a solid understanding of all ranges of combat using a variety of weapons. We emphasize skill development in both the armed and unarmed fighting arts as we seek to obtain every possible edge in a conflict. Our pragmatic, efficient, and explicit training approach works well for students of any experience level.


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We Fight Well With Others.....

The Art of Kali

Learn the fighting arts of the Philippines!  Sword, knife, and empty hand.

Scottish Broadsword

Fight like a Highlander!  Focus is on Scottish boradsword, British military sabre, and use of the targe (shield). 


Learn the skills to protect yourself in the modern world!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer private and small group instruction to help turn martial artists into fighters.

You teaching fighting with weapons?

Yes we do.  Sword, knife, tomahawk, spear, impact weapons, flexible weapons, tactical pens, rocks, chopsticks, and really sharp pieces of paper.  The goal is that you should be able to pick up anything and understand how to use it in a fight.

Aren't swords for nerds?

Yes, yes they are..... and that is OK.  We don't think learning swordsmanship is terrible applicable to the modern world, the pursuit of being a great swordsman is a perfectly acceptable pursuit..... nerd.

"Really a great place to learn weapons based martial arts. They do everything from stick fighting to steel sword based fencing. The instructors are all fantastic and hail from other various backgrounds so you get a wealth of different perspectives."

~ Matthew L.


"Great, unique place that offers more than your standard martial arts experience. They offer classes in Pikiti-Tirsia Kali, and if you want to learn more than just the "art" and do some real sparring, this is the place to be! They also have self defense classes and broadsword classes. The instructors are all very friendly, and the atmosphere is laid back and informal. I really appreciate the informal approach because it encourages students to ask questions and get real one-on-one experience with the instructors. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a unique and practical martial arts experience."

~Deseree T.


Blackbird Training Group

(location shared with Tri-Cities Kenpo Karate, look for the red door)

516 E 1st Ave D-2 
Kennewick, WA, USA