Recommended Reading

Self-Defense Books and Media


The Gift of Fear 

-Gavin DeBecker

Meditations on Violence

-Rory Miller

Force Decisions

-Rory Miller

Facing Violence

-Rory Miller

When Violence is the Answer

-Tim Larkin

Left of Bang

-Patrick Van Horne

Filipino Martial Arts Books and Media


Filipino Martial Culture

-Mark V. Wiley


Scottish Broadsword/ British Military Saber /HEMA Books and Media

The Expert Sword-Man’s Companion

-Donald McBane

Lessons of the Broadsword Masters

-Christopher Scott Thompson

Link to printable PDF for The Art of Defense on Foot

-Charles Rowerth

PDF for Academy of Historical Fencing's Saber workbook (And Angelo's Ten Lessons)

-Nick Thomas

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